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    pennsylvaniagovernmentbuilding thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment InsuranceThe state of Pennsylvania is currently undergoing some changes in employment insurance, much as is every other state in the United States. The unemployment insurance rates have risen sharply in the last year. Jobs are at a premium, but there are jobs out there and finding them is the second thing on your list of things to do.


    The first priority at the moment of course is to find a way to make ends meet until that new job comes along. That’s where Pennsylvania unemployment benefits come in of course. The unemployment program was designed to help you. It was implemented to offer a means of keeping an income when the jobs were, as they are now, sometimes hard to come by.

    constructionguy thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Insurance Filing for unemployment in Pennsylvania isn’t at all difficult even for those who’ve never had to use the system before now. Primarily done currently online, the certifications and recertification’s can take place on the Pennsylvania unemployment web site.


    The Pennsylvania unemployment insurance benefits are there for those who need them  If you are currently out of work, through company downsizing or layoffs, even if you plan on eventually being called back to work. Some companies lay off for a definite time period and will offer their employees a definite date for a return to work.

    The mistaken belief that in this case you are not entitled to unemployment benefits should not be a deterrent to your filing.  If you are out of work, even for a specific period of time, thorough no fault of yours, you will be well advised to file for your unemployment benefits as soon as possible after your last day of work.

    Pennsylvania requires a one week waiting period. The second myth that needs to be dispelled is that you may not file until your waiting week is completed. This is also untrue. You should file as soon as possible after your last day of work. The waiting week needs to be accomplished after filing, not before. If you wait until you’ve done one week without work, you will still be required to do a waiting week and you won’t be paid for the week that you didn’t file, nor is it counted as a waiting week.

    americanflag thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Insurance If you have questions about your unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania, you will easily get the answers by visiting the PA Careerlinks web site, located at


    benefitsapplication thumb2 Pennsylvania Unemployment Insurance The web site for unemployment benefits offers myriad articles and documents that will answer your questions and explain the laws, including your own responsibilities and rights when you collect Pennsylvania unemployment benefits.

    Take the time to get familiar with the systems that you will be using when you receive Pennsylvania unemployment benefits so that you are fully aware of all that you can receive and take advantage of so far as pa careerlinks services.