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    benefitsapplication thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits Particularly if you’re new to the ranks or the unemployed you’re going to have a lot of questions and concerns. You’re of course nervous about not being employed and anxious to get back into the working world as quickly as possible to avoid any break in your paychecks.  Being unemployed isn’t anyone’s favorite way to live and it can be nerve wracking.


    Filing for unemployment is going go be your first priority. Fortunately in Pennsylvania you can use the PA Careerlink web site to help you file in a faster and easier way. Filing for unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania isn’t difficult thanks to the PA Careerlink web sites, which permit you to file for your initial claims from your own home if you own  or have access to a personal computer.


    Pennsylvania requires that you do what is called a waiting week, before you can begin to claim your benefits. This does not mean that you wait a week before you file for unemployment compensation. As soon as you know that you will be unemployed, visit the pa careerlink web site and begin the filing for unemployment benefits.

    iStock 000006345083Small thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits Filing immediately will assure that you get all of the benefits that you have coming to you. It will also help to assure that your filing will get your unemployment benefits coming to you as quickly as possible and assure that you can claim all of the days that you have coming to you.

    Pennsylvania unemployment compensation is not retroactive. What this means is that if you don’t file immediately, as soon as you are unemployed, you may not claim days that you didn’t work. This means that if you don’t file immediately the days that you haven’t worked up until you file will be lost to you so far as claiming unemployment benefits.

    unemployedwoman thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits To file online for your initial benefits, visit the web site for the Pa Careerlink, which is located at  https://www.cwds.state.pa.us/cwdsonline/

    When you file online, or filing offline at the PA Careerlink offices, you will need certain information with you in order to fill out the forms appropriately and assure that your initial claim for compensation goes thorugh.

    Things you may need to have for your filing for unemployment are:

    jobapppaper thumb Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits # Previous employer information, depending on how long you worked for the current  employer. Typically, the unemployment office will ask for employment information for the past 18 months or two years.

    You will very likely need this same type of information whether you file online or in personal at a PA Careerlink office.

    If you file online, the unemployment process will take less time, and will return your checks somewhat more quickly. The interface will offer you a confirmation number that will let you know that you have completed the filing successfully, while you will be given that information if you select to file in person at the Pennsylvania unemployment office.