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    Pittsburgh pennsylvania thumb1 Pittsburgh Unemployment Office Information  With unemployment in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area reaching about 7 percent in the spring time of this year it is the first time in more than 10 years that the unemployment rate has reached this level in the Pittsburgh area.
    Overall, Pittsburgh has a good rate of unemployment, about the fifth lowest among the Pennsylvania larger cities and lower than the overall rate of the state, as well as the national level.

    None of those things however are comforting if you’re among those who doesn’t currently have a job and has lost it for a downsizing or closure. The Department of Labor saw 10,800 fewer jobs in the Pittsburgh area than just a year ago. There were declines in nearly every aspect of business, with more than average losses in areas such as retail sales and construction arenas

    .unemploymentoffice thumb1 Pittsburgh Unemployment Office Information
    Fortunately there are some means to keep us afloat when we’re out of a job. The Pittsburgh unemployment office also has other resources to help us not only stay afloat financially, but to keep us motivated and to assist us in finding a new employment position.

    The Pittsburgh unemployment office is for a lot more than simply filing for unemployment. If that was the sum total of your task then yo’vue be well advised to simply do it online and let it go at that.
    From the Pittsburgh unemployment office you can use their office machinery to facilitate your filing for unemployment, to apply for a new job, to fax a resume to an employer or even to use their fophones to set up an appointment for an interview. Pittsburgh unemployment office locations are one stop shopping for all things related to finding a new job.
    There is also resume matching and uploading, along with services such as one on one counseling regarding your career and additional training that you can take advantage of to make your skills… and you… more marketable.
    Why not pay a visit to a Pittsburgh unemployment office and see if they have something to offer to you to get you back to work. Locations and contact information is listed below for your convenience.

    Pittsburgh/Allegheny County PA CareerLink
    425 6th Avenue, 22nd Floor
    Regional Enterprise Tower
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
    Phone – 412-552-7100
    FAX – 412-552-7051
    TTY – 412-552-7044

    Allegheny West PA CareerLink
    1950 Park Manor Blvd.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15205
    Phone – 412-809-3500
    FAX – 412-809-3510

    Mon Valley Regional PA CareerLink
    Donora Industrial Park
    570 Galiffa Drive
    Donora, PA  15033
    Phone – 724-379-4750
    FAX – 724-379-6406

    West Pittsburgh Partnership
    37 Wabash Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA  15220
    Phone – 412-922-2740
    FAX – 412-922-3014

    Allegheny East
    2040 Ardmore Boulevard
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221
    Phone – 412-436-2225

    The Career Development Center
    5743 Bartlett Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15217
    Phone – 412-422-5627
    FAX – 412-422-9540