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    Philly city image thumb1 Philadelphia Unemployment Office Information Philadelphia unemployment offices existed, in the beginning to help you to file your claims for unemployment and to expedite those claims so that you had a viable source of income.

    To some degree they still exist for that purpose, however they have expanded their services so much that what was once the Unemployment office of Pennsylvania just isn’t recognizable any more.
    application form thumb Philadelphia Unemployment Office Information No where is that more true than the Philadelphia area. Philadelphia unemployment office offers services on a scale with any employment center in the United States. They operate in multiple counties and offer more than ten offices from which you can apply for a new job, use the computer banks or file your initial unemployment benefit claims in Pennsylvania.
    Philadelphia unemployment office locations are scattered around several counties, totally numbering about ten. Each of those offices has a  bank of computers for your use that will permit you to file for your unemployment, to seek through the jobs available and file application for them from that office.

    Additionally the Philadelphia unemployment office will provide you with referrals and counseling, along with permitting the use of machinery such as fax, phone and copiers to assist you in finding your next job in as little time as possible.
    You might select to use the PA careerlinks offices to file a job application, to send a resume via fax or to file your initial unemployment claim in person.  Philadelphia unemployment office locations are convenient to nearly every town or small community, and have so much more to offer to you than merely unemployment. Take advantage of the offerings of the Philadelphia unemployment office one on one counseling and career advice at an office listed below.
    happybusinessfemaleworker thumb Philadelphia Unemployment Office Information The locations of your Philadelphia unemployment office, some of which are located in other counties in the five county area, are listed below for your convenience.

    Philadelphia UC Service Center
    2901 Grant Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA  19114-1069
    Phone:  (215) 856-6990
    Toll Free:  1-888-313-7284
    FAX:  (215) 560-6981
    Toll Free TTY:  1-888-334-4046
    PAT Philadelphia: (215) 560-1978
    PAT Toll Free: 1-888-255-4728
    PAT TTY Toll Free: 1-888-411-4728
    PAT en español:  1-877-888-8104

    UC Board of Review

    Referee’s Office
    444 North 3rd St., 2nd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA  19123-4185
    Phone:  (215) 560-2845
    PAT numbers in the area include:
    Philadelphia Unemployment Compensation Service Center: 1-888-255-4728, for all areas in Philadelphia
    Philadelphia Northeast: (215) 560-1978
    Philadelphia West: (215) 560-2817
    Bucks County PA CareerLink – Bristol
    1260 New Rodgers Road
    Bristol, PA  19007
    Phone – 215-781-1073
    TDD/TTY – 215-781-9553

    Chester County PA CareerLink – Exton
    737 Constitution Drive
    Exton, PA  19341
    Phone – V-610-458-5700
    FAX – 610-458-7770
    E-mail – dschmidt@state.pa.us

    Delaware County PA CareerLink
    701 Crosby Street
    Chester, PA  19013
    Phone – 610-447-3350
    TDD/TTY – 610-619-3776

    Delaware County PA CareerLink
    Delaware County Community College
    901 South Media Road
    Media, PA  19063
    Phone – 610-723-1222
    TDD/TTY – 610-359-5020

    Montgomery County PA CareerLink
    1855 New Hope Street
    Norristown, PA 19401
    Phone – 610-270-3429
    TDD/TTY – 610-270-1273

    Philadelphia North
    990 Spring Garden Street
    Philadelphia, PA  19123
    Phone – 215-560-5465
    TDD/TTY: 215-560-5389

    Northwest Philadelphia
    235 W. Chelten Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA  19144
    Phone – 215-560-5187
    TTY – 215-560-5157

    Northeast Philadelphia
    Academy Plaza Shopping Center
    3210 Red Lion Road
    Philadelphia, PA  19114
    Phone – 215-281-1038
    TDD/TTY – 215-632-6451

    Suburban Station
    1617 JFK Boulevard, 2nd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA  19103
    Phone – 215-557-2592
    TDD/TTY – 267-514-8076

    Nueva Esperanza
    4261 North 5th Street
    Philadelphia, PA  19140
    Phone – 215-324-0746
    TDD/TTY – 215-967-9722