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    businessteam thumb pacareerlink review While on our survey of job sites worth seeing for the state of Pennsylvania, we happened upon pacareerlink.com. An obvious spin off of the state government pa careerlink site listed below

    This web site, we decided to review it anyway, to find anything worth seeing on the job seeker site that might benefit out out of work clients and consumers from Pennsylvania.

    PAcareerlink.com, while at first a very nice looking and feature packed site, after a second look, strikes us as a somewhat haphazard job seeking site.

    jobapppaper thumb2 pacareerlink review The offerings to the prospective employee are minimal and those which do exist are not always well presented. The very nicest thing we found to say, and to think after using the job search was that the site is, if nothing else, pretty.

    With multiple areas, one assumes that the links for students, and for job seekers will be unique to that group. They were not so. We found that the links presented on the students area, as well as those presented on the adult job seeker areas of the site were exactly the same links.
    The site itself is well done,and the information would be viable if it were presented correctly. Pacareerlinks.com does not offer its own information, instead pulling information or linking to various local areas of the indeed.com job search site for the job offerings on the site.
    In multiple cases, one in particular which stands out, the links were misspelled so that Altoona jobs linked up to Atloona jobs and brought out nothing in the search arena.(http://www.pacareerlink.com/seeker.php)
    Offering banner links to sites such as Monster.com and jobs.com, along with justtechjobs.com, the advertisements seem to offer more information than the actual site.
    Suffice it to say that we felt it was necessary to seek out a more informational and content rich site which had more attention to detail and more effort and emphasis placed on the job seeker. If you find a job using pacareerlink.com, it will be a happy accident.
    blackbusinesswoman thumb pacareerlink review

    The advertisements for Amazon.com content–books on the interview process, as well as how to find a new job were in fact right on target, but very little else seems to be.
    In affiliation with Monster.com, the site, Pacareerlink.com would seem to be a more money making effort than one which is designed to assist the citizens of Pennsylvania to find a new job when they are in need of one. We’d have to conclude, about pacareerlink.com, that unless you are very desperate indeed, this is not the best site to attempt to find work in Pennsylvania despite its pretty colors and appealing look.

    Official site

    PA CareerLink www.cwds.state.pa.us/