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  • PA Careerlink com tips and info ; The Unemployment Web Site in Pennsylvania

    uenmployemofficejobfair thumb PA Careerlink com

    The Pennsylvania Careerlink offices and Careerlink web site offers you multiple services related not just to getting your unemployment, but also to finding a new job. The PA careerlink site can also help you to find new type of career by helping you with training and payment for that training.


    Filing for Pennsylvania unemployment benefits on the PA Careerlink web site is a simple process provided you have the right information and follow a few simple steps.  Your filing is easy if you bring the materials that you need with you to the computer when you begin to file. 

    applyingforunemploymentonline thumb PA Careerlink com The PA Careerlink web site, where you file for your initial unemployment claims,  which is located at: http://www.dli.state.pa.us/landi/cwp/view.asp?a=355&Q=235210 also houses information about changes in the laws for unemployment compensation.


    The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and the Careerlink  sites do have a timeout process. This timeout will take place and cause you to have to begin the process again if it is left unused while you seek out the information that you need. Gather it prior to beginning the filing process.

    The items that you will need to file are listed for you on the How To File for Unemployment in Pennsylvania page.  Pennsylvania unemployment is normally an easy process. Unless you are out of work after having left your employment for no good reason, or were fired, your unemployment benefits are generally forthcoming within weeks after you file the initial claim.

    blackberrypaper thumb PA Careerlink com Also available on the Pennnsylvania Careerlink , or unemployment benefits web site, you will find the means to file for the federal unemployment extensions for those who have exhausted their initial claim. These benefits will help you to continue to have some financial backing while you continue to search for work.

    The same web site where you file for your initial claim and your federal benefits extension will also assist you in the job search.

    PA careerlinks web sites offer you the chance to seek out new jobs as well, using the job search portion of the web site

    oldworkersjobsearch PA Careerlink com https://www.cwds.state.pa.us/cwdsonline/Admin/ViewHomePage/ParticipantLoginPage.aspx?QYYbjPulx0tArVycs5_RdUYLf3S22Xjyp0U_8vtotqaNen_aClnp101a5e4eSZ4fv@_XUH9A1b50GSN7jVLhry_TVY_P5jEbAe_Zoh4K5SQ-5DXGCFa4QCqjgBBRtcKAVCTO_1Vz0MR1msIhci0M9smklt2SGOCA

    The job search portion of the web site requires that you become a site member, which is at no cost to you. It offers you the chance to fill out and upload a resume to the Job search portion of the site, and enters you into a job matching setup which  will greatly increase your chances of finding employment on the pa careerlinks web site.

    Taking advantage of all of the offerings of the Pennsylvania unemployment office web site will assure that you receive your unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania in good time. It will also help you to find gainful employment more rapidly than if you simply walked the streets in search of work.